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Case Study: Optimizing Organizational Performance

How good is my Facilities Management organization?

Could we be more effective?

I know there are management principles that are relevant. Are we conforming?

What can we do that's within our control?

Three years into the job as Executive Director of Physical Plant at Providence College, these were among the many questions Bill Hartigan was asking. He needed an evaluation of his group, to validate the improvements he had implemented. But, more importantly, he wanted an objective view of his organization's effectiveness, with solid recommendations for what could be done to make it even better. Providence College turned to Performance Resource Partners for help, commissioning a work management analysis to evaluate the inner workings of the reporting structure, with an eye toward improved efficiency and continuous improvement.

As part of the service, Performance Resource Partners considered the imperatives mandated by the College Administration, and used a checklist of core management principles to test the efficiency of the client's organization. Evaluation considered elements such as staffing, budgets and finance, effective use of management tools, standardization, documentation, training, and processes.

For this assignment, Performance Resource Partners conducted on-site interviews of key staff and independently investigated the tools and techniques in place at the College. The findings of major strengths and weaknesses were documented; and the results were prioritized, factoring the importance of the finding and any implementation challenges.

PRP also developed and delivered a defined action plan that provided a roadmap to enhanced operations, orchestrating improvements within direct control of the Physical Plant organization. When the map is followed, the college will arrive at its destination: increased productivity, better strategic alignment within the maintenance organization, and better strategic alignment of the Facilities mission with the overall mission of the College.

Performance Resource Partners' team of results-driven professionals is committed to helping our clients make lasting, significant improvements to the performance and profitability of their facilities. We deliver powerful solutions that help our clients achieve effective operations & maintenance organizations, cost-effective facility lifecycle performance and best-in class business practices.

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"I was very pleased with the high level of knowledge and professionalism shown by Performance Resource Partners. They immediately grasped my concerns, and offered well-formed opinions about how improvements could be achieved."

- Bill Hartigan
Director of Physical Plant at Providence College


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