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AIC Case Study: Defining Requirements Improves Performance, Reduces Costs

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The strategic link between the condition of campus facilities and the institution’s pedagogical purpose is clear: strong campus operations and maintenance (O & M) programs support the academic mission, student retention, and enhancement of the institution’s public image. American International College (AIC) was experiencing a growing gap between its vision for the campus infrastructure and the effectiveness of the O & M approach.



Performance Resource Partners was engaged to identify shortcomings of the operations and maintenance program, and propose solutions to reverse the perceived deterioration. After closely working with American International College to understand their goals, gap analysis was used to formulate major tactics to improve the campus environment. These were implemented with the assistance and guidance of Performance Resource Partners:

  1. The O & M services contracting approach was changed, to enable objective performance measurement.
  2. Key standard operating procedures were detailed, to standardize processes, outcomes, and expectations.
  3. The O & M organization was restructured, to improve communications, oversight, and effectiveness.



Achieving rapid return on investment is difficult, but imperative. The following immediate-term results were direct outcomes of the implemented solutions:

  • College leaders were able to refocus on achieving academic goals, growing student enrollment, and enhancing the institution’s public image, instead of managing O&M concerns.
  • The O & M operating budget was reduced by 14%, due to the benefits of better definition of outcomes and performance expectations.
  • Confusion about American International College’s O & M priorities was eliminated by using objective, measurable performance metrics.
  • The accumulation of deferred maintenance was addressed with a measurable plan for 15% reduction in its growth rate, and an outlined strategy to retire the backlog.
  • The operating condition of physical assets was protected, while the safety and aesthetics of the overall campus were redefined in measurable ways.


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Performance Resource Partners is a collaboration of talented consultants, with extensive experience solving complex operational and organizational challenges. We help clients make significant and lasting improvements to the performance and profitability of their facilities. As a network of collaborating consultants, we deliver solutions faster, better and more cost-effectively than traditional consulting firms.

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  “Performance Resource Partners, LLC not only identified the root causes for our concerns, but guided us through the entire problem solving process.”  


Mark R. Berman, MBA, JD Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance American International College


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