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Performance Resource Partners provides a clear path to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of work management processes and service delivery through a CMMS assessment.

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Founded in 1911, Emerson Hospital is a full-service, regional medical center headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts. Emerson is a 179-bed hospital with more than 300 primary care doctors and specialists providing advanced medical services to over 300,000 people in 25 towns.

The Challenge:

Over a four-year period with Emerson Hospital, Bob Bornstein, Director of Facilities Engineering, worked to answer many CMMS-related questions. He knew that their CMMS could help them improve the engineering group's efficiency, but needed to determine how far along they were on implementation and where pressing forward could bring the most benefits.

Our Approach:

The first course of action was to complete a CMMS assessment with the help of Performance Resource Partners. Performance Resource Partners' approach to this assignment was to study current CMMS business practices, document potential gaps, and collaborate with Engineering to identify specific goals. The assessment considered work management processes, staffing and resource constraints, interdepartmental communication, documentation and data records, and CMMS integration with the department and hospital.

What We Found:

Among the key findings was a gap in work request processes. All hospital departments had been encouraged to communicate their needs directly with the Engineering Department, but there was no centralized process to help prevent redundancy of requests, ensure cost-effective service delivery, and assign resources based on Hospital priorities. Consequently, there was a constant shifting of workloads, uncertainty about work statuses, and inefficient utilization of the Engineering staff.

The Results:

A detailed action plan that provided a path for improvements was created. This included a direct approach to re-implementing prioritized aspects of the CMMS. The benefits of the effort included: more informed management of department resources, better access to data essential to improving efficiency and effectiveness of work management processes, improved communication, elimination of redundant service requests, and improved service delivery to the hospital community.



About PRP:

Performance Resource Partners is a collaboration of talented consultants with extensive experience solving complex operational and organizational challenges. We help clients make significant, lasting improvements to the performance and profitability of their facilities. As a network of collaborating consultants, we deliver solutions faster, better and more cost-effectively than traditional consulting firms.

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“I was very pleased with the high level of knowledge and professionalism shown by Performance Resource Partners.  They immediately grasped my concerns, and offered well-formed opinions about how we could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our work management processes and service delivery.”


- Bob Bornstein,
Director of Facilities Engineering
Emerson Hospital




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