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Our knowledge and experience is the key to our success in the facilities management industry. We help clients develop the right strategies, tools, and technology to support their business requirements and objectives. Performance Resource Partners has experience on both the service provider’s side and the owner’s side of issues. We engage FM leaders to fully understand their situation and work with them to identify best practice solutions to their facility management and operational challenges.


Staffing Strategies

The development of staffing strategies helps clients define the number of positions required, appropriate job descriptions and the best reporting relationships to achieve staff performance goals.


Strategic Sourcing

Outsourcing or Out Tasking of some services is necessary for most operations and maintenance organizations and having an effective sourcing strategy is critical to success. Whether services are required on a by-project basis, for specific specialty tasks, or for an entire O&M program, there are several key aspects of strategic sourcing support that are necessary to ensure the appropriate service provider is selected.

Performance Resource Partners, LLC has extensive experience on the both the service providers’ side and the owners’ side. We leverage this experience to ensure the most appropriate sourcing solution is identified and the outsourcing process is flawlessly executed. Our strategic sourcing solutions include:

  • Optimization of sourcing strategy (out-tasking, out-sourcing or integrated solutions)
  • Request-for-proposal development
  • Development of performance-based service specifications
  • Negotiation of contract terms
  • Working with third-party legal support
  • Vendor qualification assessment
  • Contract administration
  • Quality assurance programs
  • Assessing environmental, health, and safety programs
  • Assessing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing


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Bringing individuals and groups of people together to set a course, make a decision, or solve a problem can be beneficial...

...or a huge waste of time and money.

We help our clients develop a standard of organizational communication. This benchmark improves everyone’s accuracy in planning and ensuring efficient and effective facilities operation. An effective meeting begins with a clear set of objectives, a plan for how outputs will be achieved. How do you know when you have met your goals?

We guide our clients in designing individual or group training sessions. During this time, we discuss strategy formulation, design processes, and action-planning. By providing a productive forum for the exchange of ideas, debate and decision making, we move your team towards meeting your business objectives.

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CMMS Needs Analysis

A CMMS Needs Analysis determines an organization’s requirements for:

Managing its physical assets and facilities processes, the optimal approaches for automating these facilities management tasks, and the resources required to implement the CMMS.

Each organization has unique levels of existing system implementation, data sources, and maintenance strategies. Performance Resource Partners works with FM leaders to:

  • Identify all areas that can benefit most from automation.
  • Pinpoint where improvements can be made.
  • Identify the most effective CMMS System.
  • Determine the steps and resources required to integrate systems with work processes.
  • Identify the best business practices to maximize the effectiveness, efficiency and usage of the System.


Maintenance Strategy Development

Maintenance strategies that optimize asset performance and reduce the total cost of ownership are essential. At the strategic level, goal-oriented policies and procedures must be in place to track cost-effective, corrective and preventive maintenance practices, work management processes, and key performance indicators. These strategies should be properly designed to support desired service levels and documented to ensure consistent results.

Performance Resource Partners helps FM organizations get the most out of their buildings and equipment by developing maintenance strategies that maximize operating efficiency, reduce costs, increase reliability, and extend asset life-cycle. We will evaluate your buildings or projects and design a needs-based solution for your unique assets and systems.

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