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Facility operations and maintenance professionals and facility owners have a continual need to adapt buildings to properly support new business practices, social norms, program changes, standards of living and care, and productive work environments. These facility lifecycle issues demand solid, current information about the physical condition of the infrastructure, the health of the indoor work environment and the building system performance.

At Performance Resource Partners we help clients maximize the performance and lifecycle of their FM portfolios by providing guidance, support and expertise in the following areas:

  • Facility Design Standards
  • Facility Condition Assessment
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  • Building System Performance


Building System Performance

Performance Resource Partners, LLC provides engineering and building performance management services that are focused on increasing profits through better facility performance from conception to retirement. We apply commissioning techniques to all project development phases including planning, design, construction, and post construction. We understand how today’s high-tech building operations and support systems need to interact to optimize performance, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure occupant satisfaction. Our services include:

  • Performance Requirements Definition
  • Design Qualifications
  • Construction Qualification
  • Utility/Energy Analysis
  • Performance Qualification
  • Performance Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Engineering Counseling


Facility Design Standards

Design standards are communication tools that guide in-house personnel, architects and engineers in new construction and renovations. Standards document and convey an organization’s expertise and experience with their own physical plant. They reflect functionality, local conditions, maintenance considerations, idiosyncrasies, and industry best practices. If design standards are not maintained to be current, accurate, complete, understandable and accessible, then capital projects become less efficient, maintenance becomes more expensive, parts inventories become more extensive, and the as-built facility falls short of standards and needs.

Performance Resource Partners develops highly-effective design standards by pairing what your capital and facilities teams know about your facilities with the strength of our team of engineering, architectural and facility maintenance experts. Together, we define and communicate standards that:

  • Reduce the total lifecycle cost of owning and operating facilities
  • Leverage cost savings from improved project execution
  • Facilitate project development and project management, streamlining time and effort
  • Enhance standards of quality
  • Improve consistency and adherence to standards
  • Minimize risk of knowledge loss as key team members leave the organization


Performance Resource Partners customizes our Design Standards solution to meet each client’s specific needs. We can create a complete, comprehensive system of standards, or focus standards development on specific facilities issues. Design standards options include:

LEVEL I - Checklist form of documentation with simple listing of guideline requirements and material listings.

LEVEL II - Outline Standard with enhanced system and product requirements, provides more refined criteria of Owner expectations.

LEVEL III - Detailed Design Standard, with precise information to guide architects, engineers and contractors in developing full construction and renovation specifications.

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Facility Condition Assessment

The physical condition of the infrastructure can be qualified and quantified through a facility condition assessment, which is a vital cost-projection tool that effectively improves the accuracy of operating budgets, capital budgets, and long-term facility master plans. The most cost-effective facility condition assessments collect only the most critical and meaningful information, making it important to plan the effort based on a thorough understanding of how the information will be used to meet the client’s specific needs.

Performance Resource Partners has the knowledge and experience to bring that efficient focus to these projects. We develop assessment strategies that meet each client’s unique needs, minimize the future effort required to collect data and update plans as the facility portfolio evolves, and optimize facility investments over the long-term.

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Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Indoor air quality is a major business concern. Studies conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), show that indoor environments can contain concentrations of pollutants that are higher than concentrations found outdoors. The EPA estimates that poor indoor air may cost tens of billions of dollars each year in lost productivity and medical care.

Specific aspects of the building operation must be periodically measured in order to provide diagnostic feedback on the health of the indoor work environment. This is particularly important in health care facilities where the potential presence of airborne communicable diseases makes it critical that building systems are properly designed and functioning as intended. Intake of outdoor air is a primary means of providing healthy indoor air; however, too much outdoor air intake needlessly increases energy costs. So it’s important to understand key measurements of the actual indoor environment before investing in corrective actions.

Performance Resource Partners provides a complete range of monitoring and testing services to evaluate the performance and condition of clients’ HVAC systems; optimize performance, and improve the standards of health and comfort within indoor environments.


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