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Our Mission

Developing High-Performance Facilities

Performance Resource Partners ChartPerformance Resource Partner’s mission is to help facility owners and operators create high performance facilities through effective operations and maintenance organizations, cost-effective facility lifecycle performance, and best-in-class business practices.

Why are these three areas so critical to performance? Because every facility is dependent on the people that operate and maintain it, the building systems that deliver functionality and the business practices that sustain it.

When organizational effectiveness, facility lifecycle performance, and business practices are all designed and implemented to work together for maximum impact, the owner/operator experiences the real benefits of a high performance facility. The key to unlocking a high performance facility is recognizing that just as the facility is dependent on the performance of each of these three areas, each of these areas are interdependent with the other two.

  • Organizational effectiveness solutions have their greatest impact when human performance factors are addressed within the context of the building systems and the necessary work processes.
  • Facility lifecycle performance solutions are maximized when asset performance factors are managed within the framework of human performance strategies and best-in-class business practices.
  • Business practices are effective and appropriate when they are aligned with the organizational strategies and the facility infrastructure.


Performance Resource Partners provides comprehensive solutions in each of these areas designed to help clients make lasting, significant improvements to the performance of their facilities.


Organizational Effectiveness   Facility Lifecycle Performance   Best-In-Class Business Practices


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